Yoni HabitZ 

 Yoni Habitz is my name I'm a solo Artist but I'm also in a Music Group called "Da Addiks" which you can Youtube, I'm from Eritrea but I was raised in California most of my life, I did live in Europe as a kid for a some years, but I was Born in Saudi Arabia, I started writing Music when I was ten years old but it was just a Hobby, Basketball was my real Passion and love as a kid but as I got older Music became my true Passion and love because it allowed me to express myself and how I feel about I'm going on in the real World and it also let me connect with my Fans that relate to the same things what's through or I went through, Music also allowed me to write true stories about my life and stories that I hear from my friends and Family, I'm the voice for the voiceless, Growing up in California was not easy I lost lots and lots of friends because of gangs and Police violence and the street life but thank God for my Dad and Mom and my Family for keeping me grounded and humble.


I have traveled all around the world doing Shows and Concerts and it inspires me to see how much People love my Music as an Artist its not always about the Money as for me it's all about the Youth and the next Generation, Money Comes and goes but I hope my Music will live on forever!!! Youtube Yoni Habitz, Special shouts out to my Wife Micky for being my Queen and a Special shouts out to Bentley Benny you can find him on YouTube also but without him I'm not sure if I would be doing Music he is what you call a true friend and the last Thing I would like to say is "Rest in Peace Sandman Negus" He really Inspired me to do Music he always pushed me and motivated me to be the Best even when I told him Music is not my Thing he would always tell me how many talents I had even though I did not see it, He believed in me, so thanks again to my bro Negus, One love Yoni Habitz.